Teacher Life

by Lizeth Leandro

Being a teacher can be fun, but at the same time it can be hard, sometimes. Not only because you need to know what to do every day, but also because sometimes you have to deal with the attitude of the students. So that’s why I decided to interview Mr teeter about online college classes. I asked why he decided to become a teacher and he answered confidently.

“I wanted to coach, I also didn’t want to go back to the farm, and I also enjoy being around students.”

In my opinion, I think many teachers decide to teach because they enjoy being around people, or others do it because they like a subject like Math, World History, Health ect. Sometimes, I think I would like to be a teacher but other times, I wouldn’t because of the attitude of the kids, or sometimes I think it is just annoying. At the same time I would like to teach them P.E or health. I think I would be a good teacher. Being a teacher can be hard but I appreciated the teacher, the ones that do their job and are good to students. I just wanna say thank you to all the teachers.

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