Biden’s Let Down On Separated Families 

On Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021, Joe Biden stated that the Administration’s plan of giving each and every immigrated person $450,000 was canceled. With just California, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and Georgia, a total of only 3,037,020 immigrants have been sent back to Mexico ever since the start of 2021. Even though that is more than expected, with being 6 states alone, it is said that there are over 43.5 million immigrants in the United States.

The Wall Street Journal issued a report about this topic, stating that over hundreds of thousands of dollars was going to be given out for those families to receive in total, but as Joe Biden continues to call the plan of immigrated people receiving money “garbage”, over 940 lawsuits and files from both parents and children have been placed because of this heartbreaking tragedy for those families who were going to receive that money. 

When Joe Biden was confronted about this matter by the Fox News reporters on Wednesday, he strongly stated, “$450,000 per person? Is that what you’re saying? Yeah no, that’s not going to happen.” 

As this issue is against the intentional government policy, it seemed as if Biden was left out of the conversation, but for what reason?The Trump administration was the start of this conversation, so when Biden was truly confronted about this topic, he seemed to be in shock with the amount of money that each family was going to receive. 

It is said that if Biden goes through with not doing the right thing of giving these families money for the things that the government has done when it has come to family separation, then he will be abandoning the right of doing good by the United States. He will be giving up all rights and justice for these families. 

Over 5,500 children have been separated from their parents and families, in general, all because of this one national tragedy that Biden is declining, all due to the cost of each family. It is his job to truly step up as President and make a decision that will either end all justice, or truly make this country proud of being red, white and blue .

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