Yaneli’s Favorite Class

by Lizeth Leandro

Your favorite class can be a reason to be excited to come to school. It can even make you happy to go to it. For example, I decided to interview Yaneli Contreras about her favorite class, English. I decided to ask her why English was her favorite class, to which she answered happily. 

“Because Mr. Duerksen makes it really fun.”

I really think that when students have a favorite class, they get more excited to come to school. Just like me, as I really enjoy coming to Journalism class, or health class. Sometimes, it cannot be the subject that we are doing, it can be the teacher. The ones who make us feel comfortable.

In my case, it’s because both the teachers are cool, and make the class fun. Sometimes they will even do activities that you don’t even expect that are really fun. Those classes are so cool, that I’m thinking about getting them next semester. In conclusion, favorite classes are the main reason why students get excited in school.

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