Holcomb First Round of The Playoffs

by Ahmed Corral

As the high school football season is winding down, the playoffs are coming up. The first round is this week on friday. Holcomb has made it into the playoffs and is facing Hesston. The Longhorns have had a successful season, with some ups and some downs. They ended the season 5-2. The longhorns placed 2nd place in districts. With it being such an important game for the Longhorns, I have decided to interview Holcomb Head Coach, Coach Teeter.

I asked Coach Teeter a series of questions for this week’s game and this is what he answered with. To start of the interview I asked coach how excited him and the team are the this game and he said,

“Super excited. We get a home playoff game, it’s cool.”

I asked him how he feels about the game, and he told me that they are blessed to play because of everything with covid, and they have a good chance, and have been playing well.  Coach Teeter’s score prediction for the game is 42-14. In the interview, he told me that some of Hesstons threats are their quarterback, all 4 of their receivers, their running back, and they throw the ball a lot. The last question that i asked him was what are some thing to improve on the last and this game are and he said,

“Turnovers we had 4 last week, and penalties.”

With the season coming to an end, the Longhorns have had an amazing regular season, and now it’s time for the playoffs. They have a very good chance of doing good in the postseason. I wish the Longhorns good luck in the playoffs. 

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