Future Custodial Job of Ethan Korbe

by Ahmed Corral

Custodians have some of the hardest jobs in a school. They have to come in after school and clean and stay late lots of the time. They have to clean up after children in big buildings everyday. Usually, when we think of custodians we think of middle aged or old people, but recently one of my classmates applied and got the job to be a custodian for the Holcomb Elementary School. 

I interviewed Ethan about it and he told me a lot about it. When i made these questions, i didn’t know that he had got the job. I found out that he got it when I interviewed him. Besides that, this is what he had to say about it. I asked Ethan if he actually applied to be a custodian at the school and this is what he said.

“Yes, I start on Friday at the elementary school”

I asked Ethan if he has had any other custodial jobs, and he told me that he hasn’t, but he has been a garage man. Ethan also told me that he has only applied for one custodial position, before. I asked Ethan what he will be doing at his job and he said,

“Cleaning tables, chairs, taking out the trash, and cleaning windows.”

At Ethan’s new position he will be paid 12 dollars an hour, or at least that’s what he thinks. Either way, custodians have a very hard job, and one of my classmates applied to be one and happened to get the job. He starts on Friday. I wish Ethan luck at his new job 

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