Red Ribbon Week at USD 363

As Red Ribbon week is stated to strictly be a part of S.A.D.D Chapters Nationwide, Holcomb High, Middle, Elementary and Wiley, will be taking part of Red Ribbon week October 18th – 22nd. Red Ribbon week teaches students about not doing drugs and making good choices when it comes to lifestyle and growing up. It touches on the issue of bullying, but also leaves out drugs whenever it comes to Wiley and the Elementary school, to not influence the use of drugs when it comes to parental use. 

Each and every school will present different activities and challenges for Red Ribbon week. Wiley will get a K-9 presentation by the K-9 department, which will be about making good choices when growing up, and not to fall into the wrong footsteps. Both the Elementary and Middle School will have lunch with the Holcomb Longhorn, and talk about the safety of halloween, and growing up. Representers of S.A.D.D will be spending their day at the middle and elementary school helping out in classrooms and around the school. Not only that, but a poster contest will be hosted at the Middle School for all middle school students.

For the High School, a “spirit week” will be organized and set in place for Red Ribbon week and there will also be other activities and games for each and every day. These activities will be a photo scavenger hunt during seminar, a song guessing contest, and a guess the baby picture game of all the teachers in the High School. Not only those activities, but here’s a small hint about the best and most challenging game yet for the high school: As Holcomb High School Students, be prepared to bring everything, but your backpack.

Being a 363 District student, so much is coming with Red Ribbon week. As S.A.D.D busts their time coming up with fun activities and treats for each and every school, they sure do have a lot coming our way. 

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