Volleyball Success and Upcoming Tournament

On October 16th, 2021, the league volleyball tournament will take place here at Holcomb High School and Holcomb Elementary School. The schools attending will be Uylessus, Cimarron, Scott, Colby, Goodland, Hugoton, and Holcomb. All of them fighting to win the title of League Champions! Not only that, but each team is going to bring their best defense and offense in order to lead to that league victory, but will Holcomb make us proud and bring that victory to us this year?

Nicole Ruda, Senior, has confident and challenging thoughts on this years league tournament.

“I’m excited! I feel like the teams are going to be really good and competitive, but I feel good about us as a team.”

As the Holcomb High School Volleyball team strives for success at this year’s league tournament, strategy is huge. With that, what strategies are Holcomb High School using this year on behalf of them and your effort in winning this year’s League tournament?

“During practice we have been working a lot on serve receive to help with passing and setting,” Nicole Ruda stated when asked about their strategies for their upcoming tournament. 

This years League tournament is not only going to be about success and victory, but it’s also going to come with stress and challenges. Each team has their own duty of putting in maximum effort, but with that, the support of school friends and the student section will bring out even more effort and energy the team didn’t even know they had! 

I’m wishing the Holcomb High School Volleyball team good luck in their tournament, and whether it comes with victory or coming last, the memories are what count with being a Holcomb Longhorn! Goodluck to every player and teammate on October 16th, 2021! Let the games and challenges begin! 

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