Should High school Students Have Jobs or Not?

By: Elizabeth Chanocua

Some students have jobs. I do not, but I would like to have one. Having a job would teach me responsibilities and I would earn money. It would teach me how to manage time, and how to not spend my money all at once. Soon in the future, I will have a job. So in this article you will determine if you should mix school with a job.

First, why students should not have jobs. Having a job takes up a lot of time, and you have a bigger responsibility than you already had. It’s tough balancing school and work at the same time. Some students work up to 20 hours a week, and their grades start to drop because they are focusing more on their work than on school. Students don’t get any time to go out and have fun because of work, which means that their social life starts to fade away. If a student gets home late at night, they barely have any time to get their homework done, which can lead them into the habit of not getting any sleep. The next day, they can’t focus on their work because they didn’t get enough sleep and because all they think about is going to work. 

Now, there are pros to having a job as a teenager. For example, teens work to save money for college if they would like to go to college. Some teens want to help out their families with groceries, paying bills, etc. Having a job can teach students responsibility, how to value money, budgeting, and time management. I had interviewed Luis C, a Junior. He responded positively when I asked him questions. I asked Luis what his occupation was. 

“I work in fast food.” 

I also asked him if he would recommend other students to get jobs.

 “No, because it’s hard and I only work for the money.” 

The final question I had asked him was how many hours a week he works.

 “About 40 hours a week.” He can do all of that and still balance school with it.

Like you have read, there are both pros and cons to having a job as a high school student. If you want a job, go for it. Just know, you have to do all of the above to succeed in both things. You will also have many, many responsibilities, but don’t forget to have fun. 

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