Halo Hispanic Student Day

by Cassandra Muniz

Last week for Halo, we went to the community college. We left school around 8 and arrived around 8:20. When we got to the college, there were multiple tables set up for each of us to sit at. After we were seated, they allowed us to go up and get breakfast that had been prepared for us.

While we were eating, there were multiple speakers that came up and talked about their experiences in Halo, and how it affected them. They all had very deep stories about their lives and their struggles. A lot of the speakers were very active with us as an audience considering they played games with us to try and get to know us. 

Around 12 we ate lunch. The lunch they made for us was pozole, corn/rice, churros, horchata, and much more. We had our lunch break until around 1. During this time, a lot of my friends and I went to take pictures and danced. They played a good variety of music and we actually had a lot of fun. Around 1:15 they went on with their presentations and eventually finished around 2:00, but didn’t end up actually leaving the college until around 2:20. Once we got back to school we just hung out in the commons until it was time to go to our last hour of the day.

In conclusion, I would recommend this trip to other Halo clubs considering how informational it was and what kind of experience I had.

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