How Sports Help Academically

Sports, or any type of physical activity, are proven to have a positive effect on students. Research shows that when you participate in a sport, or any type of physical activity, it helps students have higher levels of attentiveness in class. With this being said, high levels of attentiveness increase students to be able to concentrate better, and easily remember things that they previously learned. The way this works is that it encourages the enhancement of brain function. It increases blood flow to the brain which then increases levels of nor epinephrine and endorphins. Research also shows that participation in physical activity lowers the use of drugs and alcohol use in school. 

A student that participates in sports is also proven to have better mental health compared to students who aren’t very active. Sports helps reduce levels of anxiety, stress, and depression. Sports help students develop the skills needed to succeed in life with school, careers, etc. With that being said, sports also help students to be active participants in school and other social activities. As you can tell, sports have many positive benefits on students and their well being. 

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