Biden’s Border Reforms

By: Nevaeh Sauseda

When Biden claimed office in 2020, one of his first promises was to undo former President Trump’s policies on  the Mexican border. He started with pausing construction on the building of the wall and also to provide better measures to unite families together after the riots of the ICE abolishment. But it has been close to a year and what changes are actually being made?

Many promises have been made and we have yet to see them be fulfilled. One of the ones that we are seeing an action in is the attempt to see families together. Biden is putting in protocols and orders to keep children and teenagers with an adult. The number of arrests of teenagers crossing the border was the highest it has been. But it kind of begs the question, “How are we actually going to ensure the safety of these already lonely adolescents?” Biden’s attempt has been good intended but it hasn’t seen any effective results. The first order he made was to remove orders Trump had made during his presidency. He also put a temporary halt on all deportations. He also allowed families with children younger than 7 to be allowed into the U.S with no chance of arrests. This did reduce amount of influx at the border but it did not fix the issue that had grown rapidly over 2020.

Dismantling Trump’s orders and policies over the border would be difficult but Biden’s goal, since before his inauguration, was to remove Trump’s administration on the border and issue his own reform. He is putting a cap on the amount of immigrants allowed in certain time periods and also making it easier for immigrants to obtains citizenship.

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