620 Youth Alive

By: Nevaeh Sauseda

Joining clubs in school is a necessity in enjoying the school experience. Meeting new people, trying new activities, and getting involved are some of the best ways to enjoy and have fun at school. Holcomb offers many clubs that students can participate in and learn from. One of these clubs is 620 Youth Alive.

The goal of this club is to teach students to read the bible and equip them to be ready to preach and spread the Good Word. Students have a good time being able to have conversations about devotionals that leaders present each week. The name comes from the area code of Finney County, which is 620. This is because they believe that God has given them an area to preach to and so the goal is to spread the gospel to the areas He’s given them. Youth Alive comes from a missions organization that equips students in school to start bible clubs and reach their peers in the classroom environment. 

620- Youth Alive was introduced to HHS in 2019. It was led by 4 students, varying in grades and sponsored by Mrs. Barrett. She talks highly about the club and says 

“It’s been really exciting to see the growth of the club over the past two years! In large part because it is all student-led. Our leadership team has done a great job of running our meetings and making all feel welcome! I’m excited to see how our new leaders will develop and contribute. I love being the sponsor for 620! Getting to be around our students and watching them grow in their faith has been the best part!”  

It started with a group of about 6 students and has grown rapidly throughout the last couple of school years. Former, graduated leader, Ashlyn Baker says “We started this club because we wanted to reach kids in our school and teach them how to read their bibles so they could apply it to their lives themselves and grow from that.”

In 2021, the club was able to hold its first event. They held a pizza party, including an extended lunch for students and teachers who were involved. It was a great turn out and they fed about 45 students and staff that day. 

For the 2021-2022 school year, the leaders plan to hold more events, grow in numbers, and bring in guest speakers. Sophomore leader, Olivia Wilds, says “I’m really excited to see the new people that come and the differences that Jesus can make in their lives. I think worship and meeting together to eat will help us meet people at a personal level.” 

620 leaders hope that they can get as many students as people to know Jesus. Collectively, they have many ideas and are so excited to kick off the 2021 school year to see the difference they can make.

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