March Madness catastrophe

March madness college basketball is under way! As the tournament has begun many top seed teams have been upset by competitors.

HHS Basketball Coach, Chad Novack stated, “I wish KU would win it but unfortunately they got beat so he predicted that Gonzaga would win.”

Junior Levi Knoll also believes that Gonzaga would win.

Lastly Junior Payton Kruleski stated, “Gonzaga is going to crush the competition.”

Many people stay updated and involved with the March Madness tournament.

Novack said, “I live March Madness. It is my favorite time of the year, I watch as many games as possible.”

Knoll and Kruleski both stated that they only keep up with who is still participating.

People love supporting their favorite teams in this massive tournament. When asked who his favorite team is Chad Novack went with KU and Levi Knoll said the same. Payton Kruleski normally goes for whoever is the best so he went with Gonzaga.

Year after year, March Madness gets more fans and people who keep up and stay involved. Throughout this year’s pandemic, luckily, the tournament has not been affected. So the real question is, are you into March Madness?

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