Different Adventures from a Different Spring Break

Waves crashing up on the shore, sunshine hitting the burning sand, blue skies with birds chirping in the air—this is Spring Break in Hawaii. Meanwhile another break starts across the country in Colorado with the frigid temperatures and snowflakes hitting your face to bundle up by the fire with some hot cocoa. Spring Break can be different for everyone. 

Kale Koster, senior said, “I spent the week up in the mountains of Colorado.” 

Some people even stayed home for their break such as Mrs. Melendez, para. She stated, “I got my hair done and got a new car.” 

Some had the opportunity to visit different states. Mrs. Humphrey, school nurse, said, “We went to Hawaii and we enjoyed the beach, ocean, and sunshine.” 

This break differed from last year. Kale said, “It was different because this spring break was only a week long and felt like it went by faster than usual.” 

For some people, their jobs were taken from them with no extra payments. 

“I didn’t get to work my part time job,” Melendez stated. 

Others chose to leave town but their ideas crashed down. 

Humphrey sighed. “Last year we were going to go out of town and then everything shut down so we just stayed at home.” 

Lastly we asked what they wished they could have done differently over break. 

Koster said, “Nothing. I think that it was a pretty good trip and I had fun.”

Humphrey agreed. “I would do nothing different,” she said.

Other people did have regrets.

Melendez said she wished she’d gone on vacation.

Spring Break activities differ from person to person, especially with the cause of the Coronavirus but people find away. 

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