Social Media: Pros and Cons

According to Harvard University, “Children who spend more than three hours a day on social media have symptoms of poor mental health.” HHS staff and students tend to agree that there are many disadvantages and advantages to social media.

Spanish teacher Mr. Thompson stated, “[Social media] warps our idea of who people actually are.”

Thompson suspects most people only post the amazing parts of their lives. “So we are constantly comparing ourselves to a version of people that isn’t even 100% truthful.”

HHS students have different concerns. 

Sophomore Tristan Ortner said, “Some people can be really negative… because they don’t have to say it to your face.”

Ortner also believes social media can spread fake news.

Nicole Ruda, junior, agrees: “false information spreads quickly.”

On the other hand, there are many benefits to social media, such as entertainment and connecting with friends and family.

“Social media is great for connecting with friends and family that you can’t see every day,” said Mr. Thompson

Nicole Ruda, junior, stated, “You can communicate with friends and family that don’t live near you.”

Even though it’s not all bad, people should still be wise about the time they spend on social media.

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