Actions Speak Louder Than Coaches

The Holcomb High School basketball season is coming up. It is exciting to many people here in the district. 

Chad Novack, head coach of boys basketball, is focusing on this year’s growth and relationships. “These boys have worked extremely hard and I look forward to see their hard work pay off,” Novack said. 

Marcy VenJohn, assistant coach of girls basketball, is excited “to be together and do something we are passionate about.”

Andrea Ardery, head coach of girls basketball, is excited to work with her team. “We have a really good group of girls who are competitive and push each other to be the best they can be.”

Preparation doesn’t start at game one, it goes a long ways before that. 

This year the girls are getting back to basics. “We will prepare for games by focusing on the fundamentals of the game of basketball and strategizing for our upcoming opponent,” said Coach Ardery. She then quoted education author George Couros: “greatness is in the details.” 

The boys hope to improve at least 1% each day throughout the season. “If we get better on and off the floor each day, good things will happen,” said Coach Novack. 

Assistant Coach VenJohn added that they will practice each day and stay on top of film. 

COVID will have a major impact on the upcoming season. 

For one thing, the Roundball Classic is being rearranged due to the Colorado schools not being able to travel out of state. “Between masks and cancelations, it can be interesting,” said Coach VenJohn. 

The first game will be on December 4th, 4:30 @Cimmaron!

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