Jazzing it up! Featuring Louis Armstrong

As you all may know, Louis Armstrong, a famous jazz trumpeter, invented the scatting method. In case, you don’t know what that is, it’s a breath or “space” between each note to make it more interesting. It also changes how many beats the note has. So instead of being a long whole note, it now turns into a dotted quarter note, because it is shorter in beats. (You’re Welcome :)) 

Jazz brings a whole new era to music. Without it, there isn’t much appreciation for music itself. Jazz brings beauty to the music life and you get a good understanding of the instrument’s sound. 

Band director, Jonathan Yust, stated: “I think Jazz has done much to help the musical industry. Jazz has helped to bridge the gap between different styles of music. It was through the development of jazz and blues that brought about most music we listen to today. Genres from Country to Rock to Pop R&B, Hip Hop, and even Rap, have all had a lot of influence from Jazz.”

Yust continued: “I enjoy Jazz a lot. I appreciate it a lot because of the interactions between musicians. I have studied a lot of Jazz and probably appreciate it because of that understanding as well. Yes, Jazz is important to me. It is my favorite music to play and I get to know people better the more I play Jazz with them.” 

In conclusion, jazz plays a crucial role in the history of music. It benefits people’s lives in ways other music can’t. Though it might sound boring, it actually relieves the soul. 

If you’re interested in more, you can always jazzy on over to the band room.

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