Celebrating Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Spanish classes at Holcomb High School decorated the hallway with artwork representing Dia de los Muertos. Fixtures included candy skulls, hanging snowflakes, and an ofrenda.

“In English [ofrenda] means alter,” explained Jaron Thompson, Spanish teacher. “People use it for day of the dead to place photos and food and decorations to remember loved ones who have died.” 

As it is a popular way to celebrate Halloween in Mexican culture, Thompson wanted his class to experience making an ofrenda first hand. “You learn better by doing things rather than talking about them,” he said.

I wanted to do the Ofrenda so that all students in the school could see what an ofrenda looks like and learn about the tradition even if they weren’t in my class.

“I did papel picado and some face painting,” said sophomore Aaron Garcia Gonzalez. “It’s a sort of Mexican decoration with just paper to celebrate different Mexican holidays, not just Dia de los Muertos .”

“I put a picture of my grandparents and I wrote a letter to remember my grandparents,” said sophomore Nicole Ruda. “I also made balloons for the Ofrenda and helped color. It helped me learn more about day of the death by making an ofrenda.”

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