The Importance of Music Education

Music education students and teachers alike see a concerning amount of people trying to get rid of or decrease the amount of music education for other “important” subjects. The arts have always been less important to the people making decisions in schools. But what they may not know is how important music education is to the development of the brain and the reduction of stress!

I interviewed a band member, Haley Burns, and a show choir member, Ariana Arizpe, and both agreed that music is just as important as other classes. Both Haley and Ariana are living examples of excellence that show how important music is. 

Ariana Arizpe expressed that being involved with music has helped her immensely with her other classes and helps her keep focused and work harder. “You can get scholarships in college just for being in choir and studies have shown that music helps with stress and regulating emotions,” Arizpe added.

Haley Burns burns for music education as well as for the new instruments. Getting new instruments has sparked excitement not just for her but all band members. “The feelings I have on the new instruments are that I’m blown away by how they look, sound and their presence. I guess they make the room feel more young and enthusiastic,” stated Burns. 

Just being involved with these “dismissive” arts allows students to grow and better themselves and their school work. Taking away the arts for more “important” classes doesn’t help the students, it takes away their form of expression.

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