Holcomb’s “Good” Win!

Last Friday Night, Holcomb High School’s Football team terminated Goodland with an eye opening score: 48-6!

“The games are very energetic,” said freshman Aden Freeland. “Looks like we’re doing a great job from the stands so thanks for the support and the noise!” 

When asked about his favorite play, senior Jace Tweedy stated: “Zone Right.” In case you don’t know what that is: it’s a blocking play. Tweedy, a right tackle and defensive nose, said, “We’re off to a fresh start. We’ve got to fix the little things.”

Jesse Guiterrez-Ramos, junior, got a knee injury last Friday while playing in the game. “One week out,” Guiterrez-Ramos said. He should be up in running and on the field in no time! 

Coach Kent Teeter thinks this year is “Awesome! We got off to a great start. We got 35 points our first half, which is great for our offense. Our defense was great so it caused four turnovers.”

About the upcoming game, Teeter said, “This is an exciting game. Scott City is like a rivalry so it’s going to be a good test to see where we’re at. ”

In conclusion, Holcomb is staying on top and doesn’t plan on coming down. Thanks to all the support from all of Holcomb. We greatly appreciate it. Keep working hard and staying on top. You all have been working so hard. Don’t get too comfortable and keep playing smart. We all support you! 


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