Flex Day Frenzy

The flex-mod schedule is being used this year at Holcomb High School in order to give students more brain breaks, time to finish assignments, and self-dependency. This schedule is being implemented two days a week. The other three days are traditional.

Rance Schreibvogel, science teacher, said he likes having more time for his students to focus on their recycling project. “We do need a better way to take roll,” he added.

Bryce Foreman, freshman, said, “It gives me a break from all the things I do all day, and it gives me a chance to hang out with friends.”

Lexi Kepley, a sophomore honors student, said it feels like the freedom of college. This freedom comes with challenges, however. As she said: “It’s hard to find quiet time to study.”

Manuel Gaspar “Manny,” a junior, enjoys the flexibility to fit elective classes in where they work for his schedule.

Seniors in particular are benefiting from PLT (Personal Learning Time). As Jasia Davis, senior, put it: “PLT is the best!”

When students aren’t in class, they are studying or reading or socializing in the Commons area or Library.

Lunches are open from 11:50 am to 1:10 pm. Monica Pena, food services, said the open lunch can be hectic, because students are coming and going more. However, the students in general prefer it.

“I’d grade these first two days at a B plus. Had I not made scheduling errors, it would’ve been an A minus,” said high school principal Jason Johnson. “Students are using their PLT responsibly, responding to expectations, and we see no red flags.”

According to Principal Johnson, Holcomb High School is the only school in Kansas doing an even blend of traditional and flex-mod days.

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